Mistress Breaks Me (Part 2)

I woke up to smelling salts then a couple hard slaps to the face. I thought it was a dream but only to find out it wasn’t and it was indeed torture. She told me to prepare myself for a lot more of that and with that you sat back down and spread her ass wide and my nose went back in. She rocked back and forth a bit then scooted forward and sat like that for another hour or so it felt all while scratching and pinching. She told me she enjoyed my moaning and screaming into her pussy as she inflicted pain. My sides felt raw and my nipples were starting to hurt more and more. She moved and positioned my legs up and put a pillow there as she placed her back against it and let her ass fall onto my face. She farted what seemed like 20 times each time sealing it in my nose then on the long farts she made me pass out twice.

I awoke once more to her slapping my face and using smelling salts. She removed the tape, pulled the thong out and told me to keep my mouth open as she poured her piss into my mouth. She told me to swish it around and gargle it. I refused and felt her slap my balls and dick. Then move to my nipples and pinch them in between her nails so hard I did as she complied. Then she lifted my blind fold and told me to look at her ass. She spread her ass and I was horrified to see it shit stained and dark brown. She told me to close my eyes and she spit into my eyes until it pooled. Then placed her feet on my mouth and told me to lick them clean. If satisfied she would clean the spit out of my eyes. I took my first lick and did not like it and she sensed that so she took her other foot and dropped it on my dick. I eagerly licked every inch and sucked every toe and when my mouth got to dry she helped by pouring a liquid of piss, sweat and spit into my mouth to help me continue the job. Once finished she asked how I felt. I told her broken and she said well thats good because I have you for the whole weekend so get ready to be destroyed.

With that she removed the spit with a towel and damped it clean. She proceeded to put the blindfold back on and then stood over my head and sat down telling me the fun begins. As she was sitting down she slid back just an inch so my mouth was under her pussy. She told me to start licking which I hesitated which resulted in sharp pain to my nipples and a slap on the dick. I started licking and it was by far the sweatiest, saltiest pussy I have ever licked. It was disgusting but I licked and sucked as she directed. After I brought her to orgasm twice she told me to open my mouth and leave it open. Next I felt a trickle and realized she was pissing down my throat. She told me if I spilled one drop the punishment would be severe. I felt as if I was drowning in her piss. I swallowed every drop and licked her clean. She got up, only to place another wet thong in my mouth and tape it shut. Then she placed her spandex shorts over my nose right where her ass was. She placed two clips on my nipples that was a constant low pain shooting through and then left.

It honestly felt like an hour until she returned. I felt broken and at her mercy but not ready to give up just yet. She pulled at my nipple clamps which I screamed into her now dry thong in my mouth. She removed the thong and positioned herself back over my face. I could feel the warmth of her body and was slightly scared. As soon as she sat I just easily slid into her ass as it was now very hot and sweaty. She rubbed her ass sweat all over my face and then all over my mouth. She told me that she just laid out by the pool in yoga pants for about the hour to make sure it was nice and sweaty for m and it definitely was. She started playing with my nipples between her nails which hurt so bad and then told me to seal my lips around her asshole. I did as I was told which I was then rewarded with her farting down my throat making an echo noise as it went down. I felt me cheeks expand a bit and she continued for about 4 more each getting longer. I thrashed at my bindings but didn’t move an inch and then felt my nipples being pierced by her nails and as this was happening she farted once more and then sat hard. I passed out from the fart and the pain.

She repeated her process of waking me up and put me back in my ass prison with my lips sealed against her asshole. I realized at this point she planned all of this and even if I wanted to tap out I wouldn’t be able to because of the restraints. I started to thrash a bit to get her attention but as soon as her nails pinched my nipple I stopped everything. She told me I was being a good boy and now I get to start licking. As I started to lick I could taste a weeks worth of her shit and sweat with one lick. She told me to do long licks around her asshole and to clean it well. I could feel her shit pieces on my tongue as I cleaned her asshole for what seemed like an hour. She gave me a break and went back to smothering me until I was about to pass out over and over for an episode of whatever she was watching. Then told me to lick again but this time she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Told me to make my tongue firm and tongue fuck her asshole until she tells me to stop or I pass out. With this she also started playing another game with my nipples which was when she wanted me to tongue fuck her ass faster and harder she would pinch hard and long which sucked. Otherwise she would continue to pinch and torture my nipples which burned and I didn’t know how much more pain I could take. She finally had enough of me licking and she went back to smothering.

She stood up and took the blindfold off. Walked to her bathroom and came back with a piece of toilet paper which she wiped her ass with and said good job slave its all clean. A weeks worth of shit, sweat and farts now clean thanks to you. I was so tired and defeated I just looked in horror as I couldn’t do anything. She told me she had a present for me and with that she put the blindfold back on. I was told to seal my lips around her asshole once more and to wait. At this moment I assumed more farts were coming and knew my fate. I was wrong but one good thing came first which was her stroking my cock with lotion and playing with my head. All of this made me so hot and I needed to cum but wanted her to mount me. As I was distracted with pleasure I felt her asshole contract and my mouth start to expand only to find she was shitting in my mouth. This was my limit and as I tried to give me hand gesture to tap out I couldn’t because it was trapped in plastic. My mouth was filled and then she sat hard which pushed the shit out of my mouth a bit and into my nose. I was clogged on both ends with her shit. She laughed and told me she was going to make me cum while her shit filled my senses. I was getting closer and tried preventing myself.

She continued pinching and I soon realized if it was a long painful pinch that she wanted my tongue in her asshole.

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