My First Facesitting Experience

When we talked about facesitting the first time, you didn’t get the purpose. What strange desire was taking me? This practice came from who knows where you seemed useless: you preferred to see me in action, comfortably lying on your back, your hand playing with my hair. But you were used to these whims, and so far you had never regretted following your husband in his sexual delusions, so why not?

That day, at my request, you wore a skirt. The day had been hot, stuffy. The kids was asleep, without any need to consult each other, I went to lie down in our bed, with my head roughly in the center of the mattress and I was waiting for you. Your TV show finished, you came to join me, a naughty smile on the lips. Mute, you took off your top, then your bra, admiring your husband’s naked body. Your hands caressed your chest, you knew very well what love I have for your breasts and how I like to see you playing with …

Then you took off your panties and you did something delicious that I hadn’t planned: you simply put it on my face, and your warm, caressing voice invited me to lick it. I moaned with pleasure when I got drunk on your intimate smell that I had been watching for all day, and began to chew this little piece of cloth soaked by your love juice with an almost religious fervor. It lasted a minute, or maybe ten, I can’t say, I had closed my eyes to savor these moments.

My center of gravity shifted when you got into the bed. I opened my eyes just in time to see your triumphant smile as you stepped over my body, standing on the mattress. The skirt gone, I had a priceless view on your crotch, your fleece, your big fleshy lips, the tender skin of your thighs. And all these marvels were irreparably approaching me, my mouth, my nose, they were coming, they were finally there, all against me.

I started by lapping your pussy, from the clit to the buttocks line, and you took care not to crush my face – not yet – with your body to leave me free to honor you. My tongue quickly became interested by your anus: another new oddity of your husband to which you had finally given in, discovering in the process a new pleasure. I conscientiously darted my organ against the carnation, playing with its periphery, and you started to purr while encouraging me.

I did not want to use my hands, I only wanted to be a mouth in the service of your pleasure. So it was you who was responsible for spreading your buttocks as far as possible to open the narrow back door a little more. The abyss has widened and you have moved the basin back to meet me, a clear invitation to dive into it, which I did while squealing with desire, like a puppy finally rewarded with its mistress. Transgression and pleasure have always gone hand in hand …

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