What is Facesitting ?

Red-haired woman who's facesitting on a bald man

What does facesitting means ?

The word facesitting already gives you some clear hints as to the essence of this activity. As the name suggests, it consists of sitting on your partner’s face to perform cunnilingus and/or rimming more deeply.

In the most of cases, it’s the woman who presents her vagina directly to the mouth of her partner, coming to stand just above his face. Then the man  (or the woman in case of lesbian facesitting) lies on his/her back and takes full advantage of the vagina of his/her partner, which is completely offered to him/her.

Female Domination

This position is clearly about playing the game of sub and dom. The female presents her pussy to his/her partner, without really giving him/her the choice to take it fully in the face or not.

But there are different softer and terribly exciting ways to perform facesitting if you are not a fan of femdom practices.

Try Facesitting for the first time

Couple ready to make love on the bed

If you love to feel your partner’s pussy melt in your mouth, smell her sweetness, and most of all enjoy this delicious combination of saliva and pussy juice, then you must try facesitting.

Do it with the right person

Save this for someone you used to make love with and experience new things.

For the first time, don’t rush things, go slowly to discover this new practice in a relaxed manner. So you’ll better discuss it with your partner before trying it (unless you know that your partner is waiting for it. It would be a shame to spoil such a nice surprise…). Facesitting can be shocking and needs a very high degree of privacy. Then you may as well agree that it might be good to avoid with your “one night stand” if you don’t want to scare him off running. Save this for someone you used to make love with and experience new things.

Let the excitement rise before you start

Facesitting requires a relatively high degree of excitement (you don’t put your nose in someone’s vagina when you don’t want to make love!). So wait for the right time to get started. For example, to get you in the mood, you can start with a delicious 69, which is perfect for warming up. Take your time and when you feel that the excitement level is high enough, then the lady just has to ride your face.

Get in front of each other

For the first time, it is preferable that the woman faces him/her by placing her knees on either side of her head, and spreading her legs to lower her pelvis until her vagina has just rubbed against his/her partner’s mouth. You will then have full control of your movements and will be able to see by the expression on his/her face if he/she has fun tasting you…

If all goes well, let him/her explore you with his/her tongue and fingers as you dribble down his/her face… and keep going until you get a facesitting orgasm!

Now that we have seen the softest way, let’s see the femdom facesitting version which is slightly spicier…

The Femdom Facesitting version

As we saw above, facesitting was initially a technique used in femdom relationships and there is obviously a notion of dominant and dominate. While in the softest version of the face, the woman appears to basically rub her vagina and her clit against the man’s or the woman’s mouth, in the femdom version, she literally comes and sits on his/her face.

Sitting on your face

Mistress femdom facesitting on her slave

At the start, the position is different. The man is always lying on his back (or the woman in lesbian facesitting), but he/she is usually tied up and therefore not free to move. The woman will come and sit on his/her face with her back to him/her. In this position, her ass is on either side of his/her partner’s face, and her vagina squarely over his/her mouth. A common practice (called Smothering) is to disallow your partner from breathing.

Of course, suffocating your partner with your vagina is not trivial, and can even be dangerous, so be careful though if you want to try ! Moreover, if you are a BBW, you could go for a bbw facesitting which could be harder and spicier !

From cunnilingus to rimming

The enthusiasm and frenzy in facesiting are generally such that the man (or woman in the case of lesbian facesitting) devours anything that passes under (or rather over the nose, and sometimes his/her tongue wanders almost indifferently between the clitoris, the vagina, but also the anus of his/her partner. This is why rimming is so common during facesitting sessions !

Now that you know everything about facesitting, you just have to go! Start slowly, and make this technique your own to practice it your way. And don’t forget, the most important thing is to have fun, lots of fun!

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