Lesbian Facesitting – April ONeil & Mia Malkova First Impressions


Mia Malkova is in the process of getting to a work interview. When she’s with a friend on the line, the organization she gets interviewed by calls to give her guidance about how to brace herself. She gets nervous like hell when she gets off the phone with them. She really wants the job, and is going to do whatever she can to get it.

Once in the waiting room, she proceeds to say mantra’s to herself on how she’s going to balance her crowd and make sure this gig is her own. Once April arrives at the door to welcome her into her office, Mia doesn’t waste time shoving the tongue down her throat.

April has no idea what is happening but Mia’s sweet enough to kiss her again. Mia throws April on the couch, and rips off her bra. The girls kiss passionately as Mia appears to love this as much as April does. Mia removes April’s bra and starts to suck on her boobs until she gets up, turns around and takes off her skirt to expose a beautiful butt covered with just a thin g-string.

April likes what she sees when she plays pussy with Mia. As Mia screms, she eats her pussy and licks her ass while lesbian facesitting. Determined to return the favor, Mia eats her pussy and repeatedly makes April get a facesitting orgasm. Mia smiles happily when she is finished realizing that this job is hers.

But when April reveals that she’s just the assistant and the people interviewing Mia are waiting for her in the other room, it looks like Mia ‘s going to have to do a little bit more blissfully.

Date: July 30, 2020

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